The Magnetic Stimulator is the ideal supplement for your NEUROWERK EMG. In continuation, you will find out more about the models we recommend for your daily work. Depending on your requirements, you can also choose between different coils for each device…

Magnetic Stimulator MagPro Compact

For nerve stimulation
The system is the ideal complement to the NEUROWERK EMG in the daily routine diagnosis of neurological functional disorders. With six different stimulators and 24 different coils, the MagPro family offers solutions for almost every stimulation application. The entire system can be operated directly at the location of the stimulation since all the coils are equipped with a control unit. Thus, you always have control of intensity and stimulus. The connected NEUROWERK EMG starts recording automatically with each stimulus.

Magnetic Stimulator MagPro Compact

Magnetic Stimulator Magstim 200²

For cortical and peripheral stimulation
Magstim 200² is a compact, high-performance system that can be used for both cortical and peripheral stimulation. Its compatibility with a large number of Magstim coils makes it an extremely versatile system for use in clinics, both for research and diagnostics. Within seconds, this powerful device is ready for use and provides reliable and accurate high-energy output.

Magnetic Stimulator Magstim 200²


The Magnetic Stimulator can be combined with your NEUROWERK EMG device. The coils of both models (Magstim 200² and MagPro Compact) are equipped with a control unit so the entire system can be controlled directly at the site of the stimulation. Connected to the NEUROWERK EMG, the recording starts automatically with each stimulus.

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