Time Synchronized Multimodal Data

The Component Neuromonitoring System (CNS) offers a turn-key solution to complex informatics challenges which would otherwise require significant overhead and IT investment. The CNS Monitor is a neurofocused patient monitor that supports connectivity with multiple external devices. The Micromed File Manager software interfaces seamlessly with the Moberg CNS to create a comprehensive view of patient data in real-time, remotely or post-acquisition.

Micromed Group - MOBERG CNS Monitor

MOBERG® Product Line


CNS Monitor

The Moberg CNS Monitor brings time-synchronized, high resolution multimodal data to the bedside. Display continuous EEG alongside systemic physiology from over 30 ICU devices. Customize state-of-the-art displays to meet each patient’s unique needs.


CNS Envision

CNS Envision enables efficient remote review of data recorded from the CNS Monitor. Customize multimodal displays, prune data, and make annotations to streamline your review experience. Easily export patient data to third party software for advanced statistical analysis.

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