Micromed - BRAIN QUICK product line

Software for EEG Review and Analysis

The BRAIN QUICK software for EEG review and analysis powers the easy navigation of routine EEG, long-term monitoring (LTM), ICU monitoring, ambulatory, and research studies. Key features include the ability to customize user-roles to accommodate workflow, powerful data analysis and management tools and sophisticated archiving functionality.  BRAIN QUICK EEG software is adaptable to any size facility, from large hospitals to private practice and research centers.

Integration with

Software Key Features:

  • SQL Server database
  • Powerful event detection and trending tools
  • Fully synchronized HD video (1920×1080)
  • MRI, CT image upload for custom grid and depth electrode identification
  • Seamless interface to any Hospital network
  • Role-based, HIPAA compliant security measures
  • Programmable automatic archiving
  • Enterprise level SQL database as the back-end server
  • Bi-directional HL7 integration with HIS/EMR
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BRAIN QUICK® Amplifier

SD Plus Recorder


BRAIN QUICK EEG, SD LTM 64 Plus Recorder



BRAIN QUICK® Product Overview

Micromed - BRAIN QUICK product line


Epilepsy Monitoring with up to 256 Channels

The BRAIN QUICK LTM Line offers easy expansion from 40 to 256 channels and can be used as a wireless, wired or ambulatory system. Its compact, lightweight footprint and limitless patient mobility makes the system ideal for pediatric LTM studies.

Micromed - BRAIN QUICK product line


High Resolution Video EEG for highest demands

The BRAIN QUICK Clinical EEG Line is powered by user-friendly EEG review and analysis software, featuring time saving and workflow friendly features, a height adjustable ergonomic cart for easy portability and powerful Data Analysis, Spike and  Seizure detection tools.

Micromed - BRAIN QUICK product line


Designed Exclusively for the ICU and NICU

With its minimal footprint, including a pole cart and medical grade all-in-one PC, the BRAIN QUICK ICU Line is ideal for EEG monitoring in the ICU and NICU. The system features an intuitive touch screen user interface and the ability to set up EEG display and trend analysis in addition to event management over a network.

Micromed - BRAIN QUICK product line

BRAIN QUICK® Ambulatory

In-Home EEG, PSG and LTM Monitoring

The BRAIN QUICK Ambulatory Line offers ease of use, patient comfort and uninterrupted data collection – critical components for in-home patient studies. The Morpheus™ 34 channel recorder weighs only 7 ounces and is durable enough to withstand the patient home environment.

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