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Claudio Perissinotto and Dr. Cipriano Castellaro were the two visionaries who founded Micromed in 1982. With a passion for neurophysiology, they pioneered many firsts in the diagnostic EEG space including the first 2 channel ambulatory EEG recorder, which evolved in to a 12 channel ambulatory EEG recorder, and the industry’s first true 24 channel digital EEG system.

In 2016, Micromed was acquired by Archimed, a Healthcare industry investment firm. Since then, we have grown our international footprint to 78 markets globally and employ over 100 people. Some of us have been with the company for over 30 years –  all of us share a passion for helping our customers make a difference in peoples’ lives.  That is why we are here. That is why we do what we do.  This shared passion is also why there is a shorter distance between our customers and our R&D team, making our speed to market for delivering customer-driven solutions so quick.

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We are passionate about helping medical professionals make a difference in peoples’ lives.  That is why we are here.

Our Approach


Our philosophy at Micromed – from Senior Management to intern – is that we are a partner to our customers, not a vendor.  We create relationships with our customers and Distributors and know that we earn trust through quality products, service and support.

Our History



Micromed acquires OSG, a Belgium based PSG software company and manufacturers of the SLEEPRT™ and BRAINRT™ systems

Micromed reaches 78 markets and company record of 72 Distributors worldwide

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Micromed acquires SIGMA Medizin-Technik, an EEG and EMG company based in Germany and manufacturers of the prominent NEUROWERK™  line of products


Micromed founders sell the company to Archimed, a private equity Healthcare firm

Micromed acquires Moberg ICU Solutions, a medical device company based in Pennsylvania, USA and manufacturers of the CNS™ ICU monitoring system

Micromed switches to a Direct Sales model in the USA


The new series of EEG amplifiers named SD PLUS is introduced to redefine the EEG market standard.


The updated version of the LTM amplifier, named SD LTM EXPRESS, allows Micromed to present its first 256-channel system dedicated to LTM and research


FullHD Video resolution becomes the new edge for the VideoEEG systems, again introduced by Micromed

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The introduction of a new compact and integrated Cortical Stimulator named SD LTM STIM sets a new standard in the field, catapulting the LTM Line to the most successful product line of the company.


A completely new version of software is released for Windows XP: SystemPLUS EVOLUTION. In the very same year the new EMG/EP system named MYOQUICK was also released.


A new device dedicated to PSG was released – the MORPHEUS amplifier.


The SD LTM amplifier with 32-64-128 channels is released: an all-in-one Amplifier, Wireless Recorder and Holter: a true revolution for LTM testing.


A new amplifier compatible with fMRI was developed: SD MRI.


Micromed releases the new generation of EEG software  SystemPLUS together with a new EMG/EP systems. Micromed continues to innovate with high quality products for Neurophysiology.

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Micromed releases the first new EEG acquisition systems (SAM 32) that defined new standards in terms of stability and reduced power consumption, allowing a completely battery powered portable system


Micromed develops a new generation of MS Windows compatible Software Windows with a central database for EEG, EMG and EP called System 98.


The first  MYOQUICK EMP/EP system is developed


A new software named System II is born, with new functionality to synchronize VideoEEG and up to 128 channel of EEG data.


A new 32 channel BRAIN QUICK amplifier is released in the market with a high sampling frequency.

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Micromed was founded in 1982 by Claudio Perissinotto and by Dr. Cipriano Castellaro

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