Micromed - NEUROWERK EEG/EMG product line: Made in Germany

2 or 4 Channel EMG System Made in Germany

NEUROWERK® EMG is a complete 2 or 4 channel system for EMG, NCV and evoked potential procedures and provides all methods that are required in the daily routine diagnosis of neurological functional disorders. This complete, high grade system makes performing tests and diagnosis easier and more efficient. Users benefit from many thoughtful features of the system including customization, durability, reliability and ease of use.

NEUROWERK product line Made in Germany
Micromed Group - NEUROWERK EMG


Intuitive and functional keyboard for NEUROWERK EMG devices

The NEUROWERK RC offers the user the possibility to make adjustments to the NEUROWERK EMG system conveniently and easily from a distance. Whether changing the stimulus parameters, the signal display or starting a new examination, with the NEUROWERK RC, the operation of the NEUROWERK system is particularly easy and intuitive, even from far away. Thanks to the well thought out positioning of the control elements and good haptic feedback, the time-consuming search for the right keys becomes second nature after a short time.

Remote control NEUROWERK RC
NEUROWERK EMG Made in Germany

NEUROWERK EMG – High quality amplifiers for any application

  • With 2 or 4 channels
  • 24-bit A/D converter
  • high sampling rate per channel
  • Connection for temperature sensor
  • Internally switchable reference electrode


Central data management for NEUROWERK EEG and EMG

NEUROWERK software forms the basis for successful work with our NEUROWERK EMG and EEG systems. Thanks to its powerful SQL database, it provides easy access to all functions of our devices…

Micromed Group - NEUROWERK EMG4 Software

Product Accessories for NEUROWERK EMG

EMG Training Video:

Experience the detailed demonstration of electrophysiological examinations on a NEUROWERK EMG system in 90 minutes. Order your 90-minute training video on DVD or USB-Stick in German or English.

Stimulation Handgrip:

The ergonomically designed stimulation handgrip simplifies neurographic examinations. The settings of the stimulation parameters and the application of the stimuli are carried out directly on the handle. The positioning of the electrode is easier than ever before.

Reflex Hammer:

The Reflex Hammer expands your NEUROWERK EMG system with an additional stimulator and allows the examination of the mass reflex. The assessment of the trigeminal nerve and the brain stem therefore happens at once.

LED Goggles:

Simplify the examination of the visually evoked potentials in non-cooperating patients. The glasses reduce environmental influences and you can quickly and safely reach usable measuring results.

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