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Innovative and Modular Design

Micromed offers a full range of products for the field of clinical neurophysiology and the ICU. Many of our systems are modular so they can be used in different clinical configurations by simply changing the amplifier. An EEG system can become an LTM system up to 256 channels, a sleep system or even an EMG system thanks to the ease of connecting different amplifiers to the same acquisition computer and a unified software platform.

Customizable Solutions

Micromed systems accommodate an infinite number of configurations to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. Any system can be “fixed” or “mobile”. Choose from a wide range of trolleys for mobile configurations or customize a fixed installation based on your hospital’s unique requirements. This can include multiple locations, server rooms, patient rooms and control rooms.

Micromed - BRAIN QUICK product line


The BRAIN QUICK® product line includes configurations for LTM, ICU, Routine EEG and Ambulatory home testing. With intuitive software that is adaptable to each user’s workflow and lightweight, expandable amplifiers that are optimal for patient mobility, BRAIN QUICK is a natural choice for both Pediatric and Adult use. The Morpheus™ recorder offers ease of use, patient comfort and uninterrupted data collection – critical components for home-based EEG monitoring.

Micromed - NEUROWERK EEG/EMG product line: Made in Germany


NEUROWERK® EEG and EMG/NCV/EP devices perform seamlessly and meet the demands of any clinical application. The product line is characterized by highest quality standards „Made in Germany“, intuitive design and user-friendly software.

NEUROWERK product line Made in Germany

Moberg® CNS Monitor

The Component Neuromonitoring System (CNS) offers a turn-key solution to complex informatics challenges which would otherwise require significant overhead and IT investment. The CNS Monitor is a neurofocused patient monitor that supports connectivity with multiple external devices. The Micromed File Manager software interfaces seamlessly with the Moberg CNS to create a comprehensive view of patient data in real-time, remotely or post-acquisition.

SleepRT® PSG Software

A versatile and intuitive PSG software stemming from more than 25 years of experience. It is the only clinical software that includes automatic REM Sleep Behavior Disorder calculations. Both tonic and phasic EMG activity during REM is automatically calculated along with PLM’s. With easy to create reports, including MSLT and MWT and automatic calculation of NREM and REM sleep, SleepRT is the perfect fit for all PSG testing environments.

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