DIANALUND – Filadelfia is the only epilepsy hospital in Denmark, and their expert team chose Micromed as their LTM partner.
One of a Kind

The Filadelfia Epilepsy Hospital in Dianalund, western Denmark, is a highly specialized hospital for people living with epilepsy. As the only hospital of its kind, the country’s leading epilepsy specialists practice under the direction of Prof. Dr. Sándor Beniczky. In addition to epilepsy, the hospital also specializes in acquired brain damage, developmental disorders, psychiatric sequelae and sleep disorders.

With approximately 50,000 Danes living with epilepsy, the highly specialized team at Filadelfia Epilepsy Hospital had to choose their EEG partner carefully. The team looked for system quality from a company with a longstanding history and a presence at other key reference sites.

A System to Support the Highest Standard of Care

Filadelfia hospital operates at the highest level of quality and standard of care, and the systems they use are no exception.

Equipping their new expansion with the BRAIN QUICK LTM line brings many advantages for physicians and their patients. The compact wireless recorder allows adult and pediatric patients to move freely while high quality data is collected without interruption. In addition to the wireless LTM acquisition and review stations that were installed, 31 full HD cameras were installed throughout the Neurology center for visibility to patients as they move around the area.

We would like to thank the Filadelfia Epilepsy Hospital for their trust in our products and look forward to helping them help their patients.


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