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Stationary or Portable, 2 to 17 Channels

Designed with user workflow and IT standards in mind, the MYOQUICK EMG-EP system features a color coded Human Interface Device, programmable foot pedal and active handheld stimulator that maximizes efficiency and increases patient comfort.

Micromed - MYOQUICK product line
Micromed - MYOQUICK EMG line

System Key Features:

  • Predefined test sequences that can be optimized by pathology
  • Single or double electric stimulator controlled in software or independently
  • Over 32 configurable protocol tools
  • Battery-powered portable or stationary use
  • Color coded keypad
  • Touch proof, DIN and miniDIN inputs
  • Switch matrix for additional inputs without moving electrodes
  • HIFI audio quality
Micromed - MYOQUICK product line: Keypad MX

Matrix Light 2 Channel EMG

The MATRIX LIGHT amplifier is a simple, two channel EMG system featuring user selectable DIN and touch proof connectors, visual stimulator with LED Goggle, and advanced acoustic stimulator with Click, Peep, Tone and Burst.  The system offers complete flexibility and can be used as a fixed or portable, battery powered solution.

Software for the MYOQUICK EMG System

Software for the MYOQUICK EMG – EP system powers the MATRIX line of amplifiers and offers ease of use and flexibility for a wide range of EMG and EP tests including a full range of tests for:

  • Electromyography
  • Electroneurography
  • Neurovegetative
  • Evoked Potentials
  • Spontaneous/Voluntary/Maximal Effort EMG
  • MultiMUP and Turn & Amplitude Analysis
  • Free Running EMG with “Infinite Play”
  • Single Fibre EMG
  • Macro EMG
  • MUNE
  • Tremor Analysis

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