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Flexible, Intuitive and Durable

NEUROWERK EEG systems are easy to use, intuitive and offer the benefit of efficiency.  In addition to Full HD and long-term EEG monitoring, NEUROWERK EEG is also perfect for routine EEG testing.

Micromed - NEUROWERK EEG/EMG product line: Made in Germany
NEUROWERK EEG on different trolley types

Photic Stimulator F40

The perfect addition to your NEUROWERK EEG system

Photic stimulation provides important information to diagnose neurological diseases such as Epilepsy. With the NEUROWERK F40 photic stimulator, users can variably define the stimulation frequency (0 to 60 Hz), flash number and rest times.

NEUROWERK Photic Stimulator F40 for NEUROWERK EEG


NEUROWERK EEG Headbox DB26+ with 34 EEG cahnnels

Headbox DB26+

with 34 channels:
26 EEG, 4+2* bipolar, temperature*, ambient light


NEUROWERK EEG Headbox DB40+ with 58 EEG cahnnels

Headbox DB40+

with 58 channels:
40 EEG, 11+5* bipolar, temperature*, ambient light


NEUROWERK EEG Headbox DB80+ with 90 EEG cahnnels

Headbox DB80+

with 90 channels:
80 EEG, 4+4* bipolar, temperature*, ambient light



Central data management for NEUROWERK EEG and EMG

NEUROWERK CENTER forms the basis for successful work with our NEUROWERK EMG and EEG systems. Thanks to its powerful SQL database, NEUROWERK CENTER provides easy access to all functions of our devices.

Micromed Gruppe - SIGMA Medizin-Technik: NEUROWERK EEG und EMG Kombigeräte Made in Germany

Product Accessories for NEUROWERK EEG

Full-HD camera systems:

Increase the power of your EEG recording by adding a Full-HD video camera to your NEUROWERK EEG. The IP camera captures the video in the best quality and stores it synchronously with the EEG recording. In the EEG evaluation the video can be played, cut or deleted.

Connector DbA-A:

The DbA-A is a collective connection for your NEUROWERK EEG headbox DB26+ / DB40+ / DB80+, which allows you to connect the EEG caps “COMBY-Cap” and “Electro-Cap” directly to your EEG amplifier box. This allows you to bypass the use of connection adapters and to lower your long-term costs.

SaO2 and etCO2 sensors:

The optional SaO2 / etCO2 extension is integrated directly into your EEG amplifier. You can add your EEG recording channels with important additional information such as oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide concentration. The corresponding sensors can be found in our accessory catalogue.

Patient Button P10:

With the P10 Patient Button, you can mark certain events directly in the EEG examination. The P10 is simply connected to your NEUROWERK EEG-Box DB26+ / DB40+ / DB80+ via cable. When the button is pressed by the patient, a marker is automatically set in the EEG recording.

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