Clinical CNS ENVISION Software Now Available*

Integrated Multimodal Data That Comes to You!

Micromed is pleased to announce the clinical release of Moberg CNS ENVISION software.  ENVISION enables the remote review and annotation of CNS EEG and other physiological data. It includes advanced tools where multimodal displays support the efficient interpretation of patient data.

Other Features Include:

  • Support of timely decisions with efficient review and annotation of CNS Monitor cEEG, video, and multimodal data
  • Flexible multimodal displays that support complex data interpretation
  • Review of raw data, processed EEG, and multimodal trends and waveforms
  • Annotation with a convenient library of American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS) terminologies
  • Remote review of data from a CNS Monitor or from an archive of previously recorded data

* The clinical version of CNS ENVISION is currently only available in the USA

The software is further enhanced by the new Micromed File Manager, which allows users to:

  • Easily access and manage patient data collected by the CNS Monitor and quickly access review tools
  • Seamlessly review data in CNS ENVISION or PERSYST® software   
  • Curate and annotate data for advanced research studies
  • Easily export patient files into statistical analysis software like Matlab and LabChart
  • Consolidate and organize patient data with leading file management applications

For more information about these products, please contact:

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