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Micromed - EEG product lines BRAIN QUICK and NEUROWERK
Micromed - BRAIN QUICK EEG product line:
Micromed - BRAIN QUICK product line


Expandable, Reliable and User Friendly

The BRAIN QUICK EEG Line of products includes configurations for LTM, ICU, Routine EEG and Ambulatory home testing.  With intuitive software that is adaptable to each user’s workflow and lightweight, expandable amplifiers that are optimal for patient mobility, BRAIN QUICK is a natural choice for both Pediatric and Adult use.

NEUROWERK EEG Headbox DB40+ with 58 EEG cahnnels
Micromed - NEUROWERK EEG/EMG product line: Made in Germany


Flexible, Intuitive and Durable

The NEUROWERK EEG system performs seamlessly and meets the demands of any clinical EEG application, including Routine EEG and ICU. Flexibility, expandability, and user-friendly software are what sets the NEUROWERK EEG line of products apart. NEUROWERK systems are 100% Made in Germany and ensure a greater return on investment for hospitals and clinics alike.

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