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Healthcare Investment Specialists

Micromed is an ArchiMed Group portfolio company.  ArchiMed Group focuses exclusively in the Healthcare sector and its portfolio totals over $155m in Sales and almost 700 in headcount.  Two thirds of ArchiMed Group companies have a strong footprint in the US.

Moberg ICU Solutions
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Transforming Neurocritical Care

Micromed acquired ICU monitoring company Moberg ICU Solutions in 2016.  Moberg specializes in neuromonitoring and  information management in acute care, and was founded in 1998. Micromed’s Brain Quick™ EEG software integrates with Moberg’s CNS Multimodal Monitor – a device that interfaces with over 30 ICU medical devices to create a comprehensive view of patient data in real time, including continuous EEG.

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Solutions for Neurology and Sleep Diagnostics

Micromed acquired neurology and sleep software company OSG BVBA in July of 2019 in order to augment its product portfolio, increase customer reach and leverage the company’s existing technology and resources.  The acquisition is expected to be a huge benefit to the Micromed and OSG customer base by offering even more software and hardware options through one company.

Product availability varies by market.


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Seizure Detection, Spike Detection, Spike Review, Trending 

Ninety-seven out of the top one hundred hospitals for Neurology in the United States use Persyst software for EEG Monitoring and Review.  Persyst has worked hard to produce the highest quality software available for Seizure Detection, Spike Detection, Spike Review, and Trending.

Now, having recently partnered with Micromed, Persyst has the opportunity to broaden positive impact for both the patient and clinician across international markets.  Micromed’s BRAINQUICK EEG systems seamlessly integrate with Persyst software to further augment clinical outcomes.

Product availability varies by market.

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Open Source Brain-Computer Interfaces

OpenBCI  is a community of researchers, engineers, artists, scientists, designers, makers, and more. They share a passion for harnessing the electrical signals of the human brain and body to further understand and expand who we are.  Understanding the important role that research plays in our industry, Micromed proudly supports OpenBCI’s BCI12000 research software by making it compatible with our hardware

Research Projects

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Supporting Advances in Neurophysiology

Micromed is one of the only EEG manufacturers to partner with Researchers around the world to help advance the field of Neuroscience and Neurophysiology.  In addition, Micromed offers an EEGLab plugin that uniquely supports researchers to make their data formats compatible and viewable with Micromed systems.

Micromed research support and partnerships include:
  • NeuroESP – Early Detection of Epileptic Seizures in conjunction with the University of Dresden
  • Award winning research paperChallenging Brain-Computer Interface: the FP7 Epilepsiae Projec
  • Partner of FP7 Desire Project F2-602531
  • An exclusive 10-year EEG partner for the International SEEG course
  • Agence National de la Recherche Technologies de la Santé – Fast Oscillations as Reliable markers of Cognition and Epilepsy
  • Partner of the largest Public and Private Hospital Purchasing Group in France – UGAP
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